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Acting as right-hand to the Founder, our Publishing Director plays a linchpin leadership role in building out our nascent brand to ensure CULT is a world-class Publishing label.

Focused on portfolio and campaign optimization, profitability, and the well being and performance of our titles, partners, and Publishing team, this is a vanguard operational leadership position at CULT games for an experienced publishing professional with curiosity, ability to drive and inspire and and appetite for adventure.
  • Oversee our games portfolio from signing to launch and beyond, ensure we have a high-quality & strategically coherent title mix working with outstanding dev teams, building a high-quality slate that enables the building of communities and an excellent brand.

  • Play a key role in strategic makeup of our games title mix.

  • Oversee creation and execution of go-to-market plans, overseeing all disciplines to maximise the success of our titles and performance of our teams.

  • Oversee and manage relationships with our partners to ensure high quality collaboration and happy stakeholders driving towards success together across development, agency partnerships and beyond.

  • Drive & report KPI's, ensuring all from execution to Executive are focussed collectively on the numbers & activities that count.

  • Lead business intelligence, reporting and projections planning, connecting market data and plans to in-house performance.

  • Focus on high-ROI marketing activities, driving maximum profitability for a highly ambitious publisher and developer collective.

  • Set, drive and manage against multiple conflicting deadlines: ensure activity is consistently pushed forward, focussed on the most important goals to breed maximum success.

  • Ensure game production and reviews are reported, managed, understood and on-track to time and quality goals.

  • Oversee and help build a performant, happy and inspired Publishing team, ensuring people enjoy coming to work and are succeeding together.

  • Minding the big picture and the details, with an eye on all from steam optimisation to thoughtful campaign rollout to the overall success of the business.

  • Manage our Marketing, Production & Ops teams.

  • Bold, ambitious and expert - you are a leader with the right balance of expertise and willingness to try, fail and pivot fast from a position of fiscal care and creative boldness.

  • Fun, inspiring and a great leader - people love to be with you, you're able to inspire up and down the organisation.

  • Highly versed in games publishing - you've been there, done that and want to push things forward.

  • Passionate about games and people - you must love games. You must love people.

  • Willing to take a leap of faith - our executive team tends to take haircuts, which is reflected in generous consideration in our options scheme.

  • You've led successful teams to games publishing success in the past.

  • You have demonstrable understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the A-AA landscape.

  • You have an excellent industry network.

  • You can articulate your past successes, failures - and what you would plan to bring to CULT.

  • You have previously built profitable games portfolios.

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