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As  CULT Game Producer, you are the point person representing and supporting the developer, development process and most of all - the games themselves - at CULT. From planning support to progress tracking, risk mitigation to partner support right down to managing the pathway to submission and a high quality launch, this is a crucial and highly regarded role in the company.
  • Working with development partners to understand and help formulate mutually understood development plans, ensure all parties are aware of progress, risks and timelines

  • Identifying and mitigating problems and risks, clearing the way for smooth launches

  • Keeping all parties on track and supporting with priority timelines, advising and guiding on focus to support the developer’s vision - whilst never instructing or intervening on their vision

  • Lead point of contact across our development partners, managing progress and supporting quality release

  • Managing a pipeline of external support partners – ensure we’re working with the best partners in Loc, QA & LocQA possible

  • Managing relationships with platform holders at an account and release level – doing everything possible to ensure our releases sail through release processes seamlessly

  • Handling and leading CERT across platforms, age ratings & Publisher side consumer legals and registrations

  • Acting as vanguard for connecting internal and external project priorities and timelines

  • Lead playtesting, build feedback and point person for partner developer contact at CULT

  • A keen eye for both the detail and the big picture you are able to identify and mitigate risks large and small, and are comfortable keeping teams tracking to what is important

  • Able to handle multiple priorities, you are able to juggle multiple conflicting priorities and keep both yourself and teams on track

  • A highly competent communicator, you are able to find solutions to protect the interests of all companies and the game, and are comfortable negotiating and problem solving with partners at all levels

  • Self-starting and eager to make a mark in a rare opportunity to make a lasting mark on ‘how we do things’ a company.

  • You have acted successfully in production roles in the games industry with specific exposure to PC & console games

  • You have shipped games, ideally at the AA scale

  • You have worked across multiple projects throughout your games career

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