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Begin your journey into space as the Director of Galacticare: a pioneering, interstellar hospital franchise which, in a first for the 23rd century, cures more than it kills! In a colourful sci-fi world rife with death and disease, design and manage perfectly functioning hospitals orbiting volcanic planets, deep-space graveyards, and psychic alien deities!

With an offbeat narrative that twists together a ragtag group of eccentrics, Galacticare will take you on a journey beyond managing a hospital. From your assistants - a dejected AI bureaucrat and Medi, a tireless janitorial robot - to the variety of consultants you’ll hire and bring along on your journey, the characters will grow beside you as you progress deeper through the story.

Go-Go Town!

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A game where you play as a sprite (Polterguy!) and get your friends in trouble with a genuinely upset monster.

There are tons of abilities and environmental dangers you can use to sabotage other players! Smash them with a cricket bat, slingshot them with a massive magnet, or use invisibility to disappear at the worst possible moment.

Polterguys is all about fluid and fun movement! Triple jump, dash, fly using a balloon or why not try the portal gun.

Go-Go Town!


Who said being Mayor was going to be easy?! Get those hands dirty; terraform the land, play with power tools, construct fresh roads and shiny new shops, attract tourists, and juggle any unexpected challenges and disasters… Every decision and action made shapes the future of your town.

But even the busiest of bees need a chance to relax! Hop in your car and head into town where you can get to know the eclectic townsfolk, dance like no one’s watching, beat your high score at the arcade, indulge in a cheeky hotdog, pop a wheelie while riding your bike around, or even high-five a cow (if that’s your thing).



Hana’s garden of musical flowers have been scattered across the sky and only the magical Tempopo with their unique abilities can rescue them. Mischievous and uncoordinated by nature, the Tempopo rely on Hana’s conducting skills to work together and solve each island's puzzle.


Each island begins with a planning phase in which you lay down instructions for the Tempopo to follow when you start the music. Use your wits or trial and error to find the perfect configuration, solving puzzles with inventive solutions involving multiple Tempopo performing different roles.

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